Lasers can be used for wide range of Dental procedures. They are safe, effective and minimally invasive. Laser instrument produces beam of light energy.


1. To remove the flap/gum covering the wisdom teeth

Sometimes the wisdom teeth are covered by a flap/ gum partially. Food gets trapped under the flap and it becomes difficult to clean . This may result in pain and infection. In such cases Lasers are used to cut the flap to expose the tooth. This procedure may sometimes save the tooth from being extracted.

2. As an adjunct to Scaling and Root planning

After scaling and root planning lasers are used to decontaminate the pocket. The Laser light

kills the harmful bacteria, removes diseased tissues and helps in gum healing.

3. Whitening of Teeth.

Lasers are used for tooth whitening procedures.

4.Reduces discomfort of Canker/apthous ulcers and Cold sores.

When lasers are used on canker sores patient starts to feel immediate pain relief and may heal very quickly.

5. To cut Overgrown Tissues.

6. Manage Gum tissues
Some fillings are deep below the gum. In such cases, some of the gum tissue may have to be cut to get better access to see margins and to control bleeding and saliva.

7. Remove and Reshape gum in certain gum diseases.

8. Lasers are used to control bleeding during surgery

Are Lasers safe?

Lasers are absolutely safe. However, they are to be used by trained professionals. The

Dentist, assistant and the patient will be made to wear special glasses to protect the eyes from lasers.

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